Brunswood Creations

A Bespoke Furniture Company

Brunswood light website design


A classic E-commerce site for our client Brunswood Creations, a furniture business. We delivered a completely bespoke design with hints of 'steam punk' elements. We used serif fonts, neutral colours, and hard edges to communicate a classic design.

What We Delivered

  • E-commerce functionality
  • 'Steam punk' elements
  • A classic design
  • A great first impression
Brunswood website design
Brunswood light website design

We Provide

In every web design project, our designer designs at least two options of the home page (This is after two design QAS that determine exactly the direction you want).We love to give you options. For Brunswood creations we knew our client wanted something classic, therefore we played with both light and dark neutral colour, along with different illustrations and layouts.

Brunswood light website design
Brunswood website design


We have designed and developed a beautiful ecommerce site for Brunswood creation's to sell their products online. The E-Commerce functionality includes a catalogue of products displayed with detailed information. Product filters in order to search by price, size and material, and a payment gateway.

Brunswood's products are organized, and cleanly displayed. Helping customers find and browse products, while keeping to Brunswood's brand aesthetic. The payment gateway is simple and easy to use.

'Steam Punk' Elements

Our client, Brunswood Creations, requested hints of steam punk elements in the design. Throughout the pages we use detailed illustrations of decorative cogs. This provides a unique impression for their clients who visit the website and reflects Brunswood's brand.

Hints of steam punk elements mixed with dark neutral colours and a serif font reflect reliability, great quality, beauty and honesty. These are all important in order to show Brunswood's clients exactly what the business offers them.

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